TELUS Fleet Tracking


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Know where your fleet goes. Know what your fleet does.

Our fleet tracking and management solution enables you to track the physical location of your vehicles and mobile workforce in real-time, helping your company:

  • Significantly reduce fuel & insurance costs.
  • Improve driver safety.
  • Reduce operating & maintenance expenses.
  • Decrease your enviromental footprint.


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Do you know where your high-value assets are?

No matter what business you are in, equipment theft can hurt you.

With our asset tracking software you can track your high-value assets in real time. With Asset Tracker you can avoid unexpected financial losses and run your business with peace of mind.


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Mobile Fleet Tracking Solutions designed for your business.

Our portfolio of mobile apps will help you stay in compliance with HOS regulations, be prepared for DVIR (roadside inspections) and manage your fleet and mobile workers anytime, from anywhere.



Today, GEOTrac by TELUS is the leading provider of fleet and asset management solutions to Canada's oil and gas, mining, utilities, forestry and construction industry sectors. Natural resource and energy businesses have very specific need for remote fleet management. GEOTrac solutions are developed with these requirements in mind, including service delivery to remote areas, asset management, safety and profitability. We offer rugged equipment for operating in extreme enviroments, exceptional coverage with satellite or cellular options, and intrinsically safe devices and emergency response equipment for lone worker safety.


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